Kopfzentrum Individual

KOPFZENTRUM Individual offers the possibility to use therapies as additional services. In most cases, these can be fully billed with health insurance. However, some benefits have not yet been included in the catalog of benefits of the health insurance funds or will not be taken over by them. In any case, all offers are subject to the supervision of the KOPFZENTRUM quality program and the costs are calculated as short as possible.

Kopfzentrum Training

KOPFZENTRUM Training combines the extraordinary experience of KOPFZENTRUM with the possibilities of medical training. Hand in hand doctors and coaches treat with a holistic view. The unique quality program ensures the application of effective therapies and real success control. At more than 15 locations with more than 30 employees.

Kopfzentrum Hörtraining

Deafness also means hard understanding. A hearing loss leads after a short time to a loss of the ability to bring together sounds and sounds to meaningful impressions. The affected person will forget the language comprehension within months. Good reasons to treat a hearing loss early.