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Kopfzentrum GruppeEuropean center for nose, sinuses and nasal mucosa

Kopfzentrum Gruppe - European center for nose, sinuses and nasal mucosa

Since 2009, KOPFZENTRUM has established itself as an international center for diseases of the nose and sinuses.

More than 5,000 patients per year, more than 10 % of them from abroad and more than 1,500 surgeries are the foundation of an extraordinary experience in the field of Otolaryngology. The development of special navigation systems for better surgical results (SMGS®), special endoscopy procedures (SENDO®) and software assistants (SPM®) are just a few examples of the uniqueness of the team of today 7 physicians and more than 25 employees. In 2014, the group began direct treatment of diseased mucosal cells that were previously unavailable through medication or surgery. The Personalized Regenerative Molecular Medicine (PRMM®) program (Personalized Regenerative Molecular Medizine) is now being used successfully in more than 400 patients. It confirms the hope for a direct treatment of the mucous membrane to alleviate symptoms such as chronic secretory flow, runny nose or headache infections and lung effects.

The ECNSM® is an expression of the special experience and expertise as well as the supraregional character of the center. It is jointly organized by Prof. dr. Gero Strauss, Head of Medical Operations and Pia Schmitz, Biologist and Head of Scientific Work at the KOPFZENTRUM. The center is headed by KOPFZENTRUM Managementgesellschaft mbH, headquartered in Leipzig. Patients have access to the ECNSM® in all KOPFZENTRUM practices in Leipzig, Dresden, Berlin, Halle / Saale and Gera as well as in the ACQUA Clinic Leipzig. In addition, the team is available for initial contacts via the KOPFZENTRUM telemedicine portal WebMed.