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Ear, nose and throat medicine

Neck, nose and ears are our contacts to the outside world. Here we breathe, absorb scent molecules, successfully fight off infections and protect ourselves against allergens day after day. Our ear makes the conversion of sound into electrical signals every second. The larynx in turn generates sound waves and is the basis of our voice. The facial nerve controls every facet of our facial expressions. In short: everything is important in ENT, everything is connected and everything is tiny. Hardly any subject has such a great fascination and influences us all every day.

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We offer all scientifically proven and efficient methods of examination and treatment of ENT medicine. In doing so, we consistently implement the guidelines of the German and European specialist societies in our internal standards. Below you can see the first information for the most common complaints. For further advice, please visit our branches, call or email us. We look forward to your questions!

The most common disease in early and middle adulthood at all. Why exactly the incidence in the western population increases so much is not known. The symptoms of sneezing attacks, reddened eyes and runny nose are usually clear. The determination of allergens and the planning of immediate therapy and hyposensitization require a skin test. The successes of hyposensitization have been documented in numerous studies and empirical reports. Success rates of more than 80% are standard today for many allergens and avoid the so-called change of level of the disease. The section Allergology is available to you with a team of specialists.

Can take on hefty proportions. So-called nerve tears usually draw along the cranial nerve segments in a certain pattern and hardly respond to conventional painkillers. After a thorough examination of the ENT area, any potential foci can be treated. Especially the paranasal sinuses or enlarged lymph nodes are considered cause. In any case, a neurology doctor will be involved in the treatment. If organic causes are excluded and the conservative medicine fails, the Complementary Medicine section is available with methods of acupuncture.

Mostly associated with inflammation of the vocal folds. In these cases, a conservative therapy is sufficient for a few days. If it is a chronic disease or vocal cord polyps, a combination of vocal cessation, drug therapy and speech therapy leads to success. In some cases, a minor surgical procedure is required. If hoarseness persists for more than 3 weeks, you should definitely have a medical check-up. The Phoniatry and Laryngology section is at your disposal with a team of specialists consisting of physicians, speech therapists and phono-surgeons.

This is usually a chronic inflammation of the paranasal sinuses. The affected person has the impression that the infection "can not go away". With endoscopy, ultrasound or CT, the diagnosis can be made quickly and safely. In most cases, a minor surgical procedure leads to good results and an improved quality of life. The section Rhinology is available to you with a team of specialists.

Are mostly harmless and temporary. If they persist for more than 3 weeks, an examination should be made in any case. With ultrasound, CT or MRI, a distinction can be made between inflammation and tumor. If in doubt, a small-scale surgical procedure is followed by a histologic microscopic examination. Especially with the large salivary glands, the most common tumors are benign. If you are removed early, you will be cured.

Malignant diseases are also better treated today with various methods and combination therapies. However, the risk factors nicotine and alcohol play a significant role here. And especially the timing of the diagnosis. Therefore, in case of suspicion, you should always make an appointment in the consultation. The early detection of laryngeal tumors with high-resolution camera systems has been shown to lead to the early detection of tumors and their precursors *. The section ENT tumors is available to you with a specialist team of doctors and speech therapists, a regular tumor consultation and the partner TUMORZENTRUM of the University Hospital Leipzig.

Disorders of the balance system arise in about 1/3 of the cases in the vestibular organ of the inner ear. Thorough non-invasive diagnostics allow rapid therapy. In the case of a chronic disease such as the Mb. Meniere today the drug therapy by gentamicin application with very good results is given preference over surgical procedures. Also, the rare diseases of the internal ear canal, e.g. The vestibular schwannoma (acoustic neuroma) is often cared for at the KOPFZENTRUM. The Neuro-Otology Section is at your disposal with a specialist team of doctors, audiometry assistants and acousticians.

Often hang together with a hearing disorder. In this case the therapy consists in an improvement of the middle ear ventilation and a speech therapy. But also functional speech and speech errors such as stuttering or lisping are common and can be treated by a physician-accompanied speech therapy with good results. The section KOEPFCHENZENTRUM is available to you and your child with a team of specialists.

Here can be a medical and / or small surgical therapy remedy. Consequential diseases such as sinusitis or asthma must be avoided. The section Rhinology is available to you with a team of specialists.

First, the examination of the ears with the microscope. Thereafter, a hearing test and the measurement of the pressure conditions in the middle ear provide information about the cause of the complaints. The therapy ranges from the administration of medication to surgical interventions for the recovery of hearing as the most important purpose of humans. The ear is still the only organ that can be partially restored even in the event of complete failure.
How does a deaf person hear? Under this link, numerous audio samples can give an impression of hearing loss. For questions about hearing loss, hearing aids and implants, please contact our Ear, Hearing and Implants section. Appointments on 0341.33 73 31 00.

Are often caused by insufficient ventilation of the sinuses. With the help of a touch-free and pain-free nasal endoscopy and a CT image, the anatomy of this complicated region can be shown in detail. The treatment includes gradual simple nourishing drops all the way to an operative treatment of chronic sinusitis.

Chronic ear disease is good to treat in the early stages. Usually, a small surgical operation can stop the inflammation and restore the middle ear. The disease requires regular monitoring by the doctor.

Mostly caused by harmless infections of the ear canal. In this case, the ear is gently cleaned and treated with medication. If the middle ear is inflamed, the therapy ranges from antibiotic administration to surgical therapy. Always include painkillers for therapy. In some cases, the earache is transmitted as a result of tonsillitis. That is why the neck is always examined.

Acute middle ear infection is one of the most painful experiences in childhood. Through a treatment with nose drops and painkillers, in some cases with a tiny cut into the eardrum, the symptoms can be controlled quickly. The section KOEPFCHENZENTRUM is available to you and your child with a team of specialists.

Mostly a consequence of several causes: Upper respiratory disorders, overweight and stress can only be treated together. After the measurement of the nasal flow resistance, there is usually a record of snoring, oxygen saturation and possible respiratory misfire with a portable device (MESAM) overnight. The therapy often includes the straightening of the nasal septum, a reduction of the mucous membrane of the nose and the soft palate. The section Sleep-Related Respiratory Disorders is available to you with a team of specialists.

The most common disease in the cold months of the year. Mostly harmless and caused by viruses, it should be avoided spreading to the ear, larynx, sinus or superinfection. In any case, another cause, e.g. be excluded by an allergy.

Up to 30 % of all children between the ages of 2 and 6 years suffer from significant hearing loss. This can lead to disturbances of the language acquisition, because "who can not hear, can not learn to speak correctly". In most cases insufficient ventilation of the middle ear due to an enlarged throat almond is the cause of the complaints. If this is reduced, the ear works again, the language acquisition can normalize. Adenotomy is an intervention with minimal risks and great successes for the child. Infection and snoring go back, in many cases, the children experience a growth spurt. The section KOEPFCHENZENTRUM is available to you and your child with a team of specialists.

In addition to the enlarged throat almond can also cause an infection from the age of about 3 years, an allergic rhinitis. An examination and an allergy test quickly bring certainty. The section KOEPFCHENZENTRUM is available to you and your child with a team of specialists.

In most cases, an enlarged throat almond is the cause of the discomfort. Rarely a chronic inflammation or simple enlargement of the palatine tonsils. In both cases, the therapy consists of surgical reduction by an adenotomy or laser tonsillotomy. Nowadays these are very safe procedures with little wound pain. The section KOEPFCHENZENTRUM is available to you and your child with a team of specialists.