Kopfzentrum GruppeCorona Note

Kopfzentrum Gruppe - Corona Note

We are here for you!

Our branches and the ACQUA clinic are open without restrictions. We treat more than 500 patients here every day. 

Please inform us in case of fever and/or dry cough before entering the practices. This way we can provide you with mouth/nose protection.

Please use our telephone/video consultation hour!
To make an appointment please call 0341/337 33 100 or


We will protect you!

The most important protection against an uncontrolled spread of the SARS-CoV-2 ("Corona") infection is hygiene:            
    a.    Hands are the carriers. Wash your hands regularly. 
           At least every hour. Soap is sufficient, no disinfectant is needed.
    b.    Behave like a sterile surgeon: 
           Get into the habit of not touching yourself again until you have washed your hands. 
    c.    Do not sneeze into your hands! Throw away tissues after the first use.
           Wash your hands afterwards.
    d.    Mouth and nose protection (surgical masks, multi-layer fabric) offers the same retention rates as "FFP masks".

For your protection, our staff will receive you behind a protective screen and wear a mouth/nose protector during examinations.

Our practices are regularly disinfected in accordance with the hygiene standards of KOPFZENTRUM.


We're testing!

We test for SARS-CoV-2 in our branches and in the ACQUA clinic. We will inform you of the result within 48 hours at the latest.

In this way we contribute to the early detection of the infection and break the infection chains. 

The test is usually covered by health insurance companies.

To make an appointment for our branches call 0341/337 33 100 and for the ACQUA clinic call 0341/337 33 128, 
by e-mail to or via our online reservation with the keyword "Corona Test" 


We strengthen your immune system!

Since 2014 KOPFZENTRUM has developed the infusion program "liquid health". Highly concentrated active ingredients stimulate the immune system and strengthen skin/mucosa. Viral diseases can be fended off faster.
This does not mean that this infusion directly fights the virus.

Appointments for our branches on 0341/337 33 100 and for the ACQUA clinic on 0341/337 33 128, 
by e-mail to or via our online reservation system (


We keep you fit!

For many people the current limitations mean restrictions in movement / concentration / communication / stress management. 

Our medical trainers are available to you by phone / video conference / home visit or in the branches

- Physiotherapy for muscular tensions / headaches / backaches
- Ergotherapy for stress and overstrain symptoms
- Speech therapy / respiratory therapy to condition the respiration / lungs / prevention; voice/language/ speech school for professional appearance and protection of the voice

Take advantage of the experience of our physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists. 

The costs are covered by the health insurance companies.