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Become a KOPFZENTRUM® team member. International renomee, excellence knowledge & skills for an professional lifetime.

Every year, 250,000 patients trust in KOPFZENTRUM. With more than 30 doctors, 17 branches and 800 consultations per week and 4,000 ENT operations per year, our goal is always to be the first choice in the medicine of the mind among patients, employees and partners.

1. The education and lifelong continuous training of our doctors is particularly important to us. With the KOPFZENTRUM Academy, we have a unique structure in Germany and Europe to support our ENT doctors:

  • The Medical Academy offers monthly on-site training on the 12 sections of ENT. The associated certificates are valid for one year and are a prerequisite for working in our office hours.
  • The Surgical Academy continuously offers a three-tier certification program for more than 60 ENT surgical procedures. The certificates are valid for 24 months and are a prerequisite for the work in the surgical cockpit of the ACQUA Clinic. The ability to obtain a rating for a surgical procedure (e.g., FESS or TYMP) is independent of hierarchies, scientific, or other adjunctive criteria. Here are only professional qualifications, knowledge, craftsmanship and the necessary personality traits. Therefore, in KOPFZENTRUM, e.g. Even experienced assistants learn ear surgery and perform it after successful certification independently.
  • The ACQUA Surgical Simulator offers our doctors a training system that is unique in Europe and equipped with a navigation system, Surgical Procedure Manager, HD endoscopy and spectral endoscopy. As a result, it is possible to use computer-modeled phantoms to train different anatomies, pathologies, variants and complications of the nose / NNH and middle ear. KOPFZENTRUM physicians have preferred access to this true-to-life simulator and must successfully complete the simulator to renew the surgical certificates every 24 months.
  • Our eAcademy manages the medical certificates and offers online training. Our doctors are automatically reminded of pending re-certifications and new certificates are sent to the OR scheduling.
  • International Training Meetings with more than 1,000 participants from all continents since 2009 are held at least 4 times a year. Our doctors have preferred access and will be released for these meetings.
  • For physicians without German approbation, we offer fellowships as 3, 6 and 12-month internships for a defined training goal.

2. We respect our doctors as highly specialized employees who ensure the core performance of our company. That is why we make sure that each employee is able to pursue career opportunities according to his or her position and that work and family remain compatible:

  • We offer a fair salary system with a performance-based portion, optionally up to 20%, which is essentially based on the medical quality of the treatment. As a non-governmental company, we are constantly striving to offer our doctors at least the tariff benefits of state institutions.
  • Variable operating times of 10 to 40 hours per week are free to agree.
  • The maximum use time per piece is 6 hours. We help to strictly comply with rest periods.
  • We transparently promote career opportunities in a four-level system, from trainee, junior ENT specialist, ENT specialist to senior ENT specialist.
  • Our cooperation works with flat hierarchies with extensive personal responsibility for the physician, observing the binding manuals

3. We want to stay in touch. KOPFZENTRUM is in demand as a training center for doctors from all over the world. We also want to stay in touch. That's what our KOPFZENTRUM Fellow program stands for:

KOPFZENTRUM Physicians can remain a member of the Academy throughout their careers
Preferred access to all Medical & Surgical Trainings, International Training Meetings with 30% cost advantage
Optional continuation of the KOPFZENTRUM certification with administration by KOPFZENTRUM

Application & Assessment

We are looking forward to receiving your application! Our goal is to successfully shape with you a piece of your education or a long time of your professional life. Therefore, please understand that we will carefully select the candidates for a place in our team for more than 2 days in a so-called Medical Operation Assessment under the supervision of the Head of Medical Operations (Prof. Dr. Prof. h.c. Dr. Gero Strauss). During this time we would like to give you the chance to get to know us, our culture of professional cooperation and our expectations of you. We will give you an overview of your general and specific professional knowledge and the need for convergence training on our Headquarters manuals. We also conduct a psycho-emotional assessment to evaluate the necessary personal stability and strength of character. Immediately after the assessment, we will tell you if we can offer you a place in our team. 

Your personal contact for applications as a doctor is
Mrs. Heike Hachmeister
Medical Surgery Assessment

Gohliser Straße 18
04105 Leipzig

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