Kopfzentrum GruppeSupport fee Monoclonal antibodies

Support fee Monoclonal antibodies

Services for therapy support 

Monoclonal autoantibodies such as Dupilumab (Dupixent®) are new, highly effective drugs that prevent signal molecules from binding to cells of the nasal mucosa. This can stop damage to the nasal mucosa and the formation of polyps. Due to their effectiveness at the cell level and within the immune system, the treatment requires special attention.

Support fee Monoclonal antibodies

KOPFZENTRUM offers with the care lump sum all achievements, which are not contained in the service catalog of the legal cashes, in our conviction however absolutely necessary for the company of the therapy with monoclonal antibodies.

  • Regular determination of the MUCOSA-Score to evaluate the drug effect on vascular patterns, glands, secretion, etc. with HD endoscopy
  • Regular determination of the SNOT score to assess patient experience and symptom severity
  • Evaluation of the collected data in the MDSSS® database with automatic classification of treatment success in comparison with other patients
  • Automatic notification function in case of insufficient effect or risk of intolerance
  • Control of parameters by STQPM® (knowledge department) and recommendations for possible therapy adjustments
  • Support in the argumentation for reimbursement of the drug

These services correspond to the medical fee schedule and are offered by KOPFZENTRUM at a package price from 60 Euro. This care flat rate is only charged once per patient.

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