Kopfzentrum GruppeThe 3-D X-ray reconstruction for the neck, nose and ears. From the HEAD CENTER MEDICAL DATA LAB

The 3-D X-ray reconstruction for the neck, nose and ears. From the HEAD CENTER MEDICAL DATA LAB

How can my doctor better use my x-ray image?

What is KOPFZENTRUM Medical Data Lab?
KOPFZENTRUM Medical Data Lab is the professional high-tech laboratory of KOPFZENTRUM for computer-based assistance systems in the treatment of our patients. Computer techniques such as image processing, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence are used here. Computers play an important role in the Medical Data Lab. The focus is always on the human and the patient.

What does 3-D X-ray analysis mean?
It goes without saying that today we use high-tech systems to gain information about our bodies without making a single cut. Computed Tomography (CT), Digital Volume Tomography (DVT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) are providing more and more information in a microscopically high resolution. The evaluation, on the other hand, is still the same as it was 20 years ago. There are 2-D images considered, although there are now reliable computer programs that get much more out of this information. For 3D X-ray analysis, we use special software that has been adapted to our special requirements in recent years. This makes it possible to view radiological data as a spatial system and even to simulate the function. By measuring volumes, areas and distances, it is no longer up to a viewer to judge whether or not there is a problem.

Application nose and sinuses
In a volume of > 100 ml, tiny structures of less than 1 mm can be found in a system of communicating chambers. For a long time, it has been thought that chronic problems of NNH are first caused by polyps, bacteria, fungi and viruses and lead to polyps. For this reason, the simple evaluation of CT / DVT by the NNH is still paying particular attention to polyps. However, this procedure misses the cause.
It has long been clear to experts that the most important cause of sinusitis lies in the narrowed drainage channels of the NNH. 3-D X-ray analysis provides the three-dimensional NNH system with a large number of exact measurement data on extent, connections and bottlenecks. This can be judged objectively, whether z. As a treatment with a cortisone spray or surgery is promising. In the nasal cavity, 3-D analysis is suitable for assessing the flow characteristics and the necessary changes before improving nasal breathing.

Application ear
The middle and inner ear, with its ossicles, associated appendage, cochlea, balance archways, and facial nerve, contains so many important structures in a confined space as no other part of the body.
Representing these structures three-dimensionally and in relation to one another can provide the physician with important information.

What is the cost of 3-D X-ray analysis?
This benefit is not reimbursed by the statutory health insurance, as it is not a basic diagnosis, which is due to each insured person. In addition to the technical infrastructure, the effort involved in the analysis is about 30 minutes of processing time by a specially trained employee. Added to this is the review and explanation of the results by the doctor.
Scarcely calculated, this results in 49 euros, which are charged to the patient as an additional payment.

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The 3-D X-ray reconstruction for the neck, nose and ears. From the HEAD CENTER Medical Data Lab (3DA)
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