Kopfzentrum GruppeThe 4-D facial analysis

The 4-D facial analysis

Safety for my face.

What is the 4-D facial analysis?
The VECTRA® system uses 6 high-resolution cameras and high-performance software. This records the surface of the face as accurately as possible and stores it as part of the patient documentation. The skin texture is analyzed and classified with computer support.

How can the data help my doctor?
The physician can use the data to obtain information on the external structure of the nose, the nature of the nasal entrance, the tension of the skin and even pigment or vascular changes of the subcutaneous layers.

How can this data help the patient?
The data are available for comparisons. For example, successes after the change in the nasal input can not only be estimated, but measured. Even with questions from the health insurance companies are thus important information ready to protect against recourse claims (Was the surgery on the face / on the nose / neck really medically necessary?).

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