Kopfzentrum GruppeS-endoscopy of the mucosa using spectral-algorithm analysis

S-endoscopy of the mucosa using spectral-algorithm analysis

Bring hidden details to the surface.

Modern endoscopes today offer the surgeon a very high resolution of the mucosal surface. Modern software methods can represent certain features of the mucous membrane "on the fly", ie without appreciable delay, which otherwise remain hidden from the eye of the examiner. It is information that plays an important role in the definition of the therapeutic strategy, e.g.:

  • Texture and distribution pattern of blood vessels up to 3 mm in the depth of the mucosa
  • Structure and uniformity of superficial mucosal layers, visualization of hidden defects (ulcers)
  • Evidence of tissue changes (metaplasia)

In addition to the stored image and video data, the so-called micro-mucosa score is the most important result of the investigation. This value can significantly influence the subsequent therapy and objectify the course of treatment.
The non-invasive examination is done either alone or as part of an operation that is necessary anyway. It can be done under local anesthesia or general anesthesia. The extra time is about 20 minutes.

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