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Inner ear protection

How can a hearing loss be treated properly?

Disruption of the inner ear can lead to sudden hearing loss and / or ear noise and / or dizziness. To date, the exact cause of the so-called hearing loss is not known. It only seems to be certain that the sensory cells are under stress and therefore no longer function properly.

The treatment is less consistent and partly controversial. HEAD CENTER therefore analyzes the treatment results in a separate section, compares them with the international publications and adjusts the treatment as needed.

In the current S1 guideline of the Association of Scientific Medical Societies (AWMF), a high-dose glucocorticoid therapy is recommended as an intravenous infusion and / or injection directly into the middle ear in an acute hearing loss (as of July 2017).

Nevertheless, this treatment is not taken over by the statutory health insurance funds without risk of regress for the doctor and can only be provided as an individual health service. This situation has been criticized by the professional association and ENT specialist for years. Because, there are undoubtedly results that justify the use of a systemic intravenous high-dose glucocorticoid therapy. We assure you to settle all billable services around the therapy with your health insurance and thus to keep your costs as low as possible.

IOP1 - intravenous infusion of methylprednisolone on two 2 in the field
For 2 consecutive days, 250 mg of Urbason® are given intravenously. The effect occurs within 48 hours and can improve the function of the inner ear within 4 weeks. Note: If the therapy is discontinued, the costs can not be reimbursed - even proportionally.

IOP2 - injection of prednisolone into the ear (ITSI), once, in practice
After local anesthesia, 2 ml (100 mg) of prednisolone are injected into the tympanic cavity under endoscopic control with a tiny needle. The effect can improve the function of the inner ear within 6 weeks. The therapy can be repeated.

IOP 3 - middle ear inspection (TYS), injection of prednisolone into the ear (ITSI), once, in the operating room
After local anesthesia, the tympanic cavity is examined with a miniature endoscope (<1mm). For example, rare causes of an acute hearing loss, such as the tear of the round window membrane, can be detected and treated. In each case, 2 ml (100 mg) of prednisolone are injected into the tympanic cavity.

IOP 4 - Injection of regeneration factors into the ear (PD and REF0), in the operating room and then in practice, on 3 consecutive days
A highly concentrated dose of synthetic regeneration factors (REF) is injected into the tympanic cavity. The treatment is repeated for 3 days in a row. Therefore, at the beginning under local anesthetic takes place the insert of a tympanic tube, which can be removed again after the treatment. During the injection the surgeon can control important structures of the middle ear (eg round window). The effect can be expected between 3 weeks and 3 months.

All procedures can be combined in consultation with the doctor.

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Inner ear protection (IEP)
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