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Intranasal Smell Improvement

For all cooks who are always in love *.

* Taste disorders are almost always smell disorders. And we can treat olfactory disorders. With the world's first concept that combines high-resolution imaging and treatment with regenerative messenger substances.

Treat smell loss

Treating the smell loss is difficult. The olfactory organ is complicated and lies as the only outsourced structure of the brain on the ceiling of the nose. Here it is enclosed by the ethmoid cells, on the one hand it is exposed to all influences of the nose, on the other hand it depends on regular drainage and ventilation. This is the only way that the olfactory molecules come to the sensors and can trigger the impulses in our brain that we perceive as smelling and tasting. The treatments according to INSI include the current scientifically sound recommendations and are constantly checked for topicality.

Due to the rarity of the illness, there is no promise of reimbursement of costs by the statutory health insurance, so that an additional payment by the patient is necessary for the costs of the medication and its special preparation.

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Intranasal Smell Improvement (INSI)
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