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Modern acupuncture

Alleviate malfunction and pain with activation of reflex zones.

Acupuncture has been proven as a method of traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. While the effect on "energy flows" is explained there, acupuncture has also become a recognized adjunct therapy in Western medicine. It is assumed here that the irritation of pain and pressure sensors influences control circuits in the human body.

KOPFZENTRUM has been gaining experience with acupuncture procedures for years. The results of the scientific studies * confirm that in up to 70 % of cases allergic symptoms (but not the underlying disease), migraine, neuritis and paralysis and the treatment of pain in the face / neck can be improved by acupuncture. In principle, the acupuncture can be used experimentally in other diseases, such as protracted nasal mucosal inflammation, laryngitis, pharyngitis, tinnitus or olfactory disorders. In any case, an ENT-medical treatment and control of the course of therapy is guaranteed.

The procedure is not part of the benefit catalog of the GKV and requires an additional payment of EUR 39 per session for a treatment duration of 30 minutes. Five to ten sessions are recommended until therapy success. For this purpose, a package price of EUR 290 is offered for 10 sessions.

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Modern Acupuncture (AKU)
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