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Personalized Regenerative Activation

How can I purposefully stimulate my own cells to heal? 

The personalized activation of regeneration mechanisms is a new scientific approach in medicine. Natural messengers that are synthetically manufactured as medicines and delivered to the affected area can stimulate the restoration of healthy tissue. HEAD CENTER has extensive experience in the field of mucous membrane and skin regeneration.

  • KOPFZENTRUM is one of the most experienced providers worldwide for the targeted activation of the body's own stem cells. Here, conservative and surgical procedures are successfully combined with procedures in cellular / molecular medicine.
  • By December 2019, more than 1,800 patients had been treated. The response rate of the therapy is averaged over 75% for all therapy variants. The therapeutic effect usually occurs between the 3rd week and the 3rd month after treatment.
  • The PRMM procedures are mainly performed with a tiny puncture (using a thin needle) into the target area, in some cases in combination with an intravenous infusion, in selected cases in combination with a small operation to remove fat tissue.
  • The therapy does not have to be repeated regularly to achieve the intended effect. However, repetition is possible in principle. 
  • Degenerative diseases, i.e. H. with a gradual functional impairment of the tissue can be treated particularly well with PRMM procedures, e.g. B. the chronic disease of the nasal mucosa, sudden hearing loss, dizziness, scars.
  • The therapy is only partially covered by the health insurance, as large studies to prove the cost-effectiveness are pending.
  • All treatments are permitted under the German Medicinal Products Act and the Medical Devices Act for human use. There is no stem cell manipulation, but stimulation of your own stem cells.
  • The therapy procedures are constantly monitored and developed by KOPFZENTRUM and the official supervisory authorities.

Applications Personalized Regenerative Medicine (as of October 2017)


REF A Regeneration factors to the local
Application, no activation required
+ + + from 190,00 €
REF B Personalized regeneration factors for
local application and more targeted effect,
Activation with blood (components)
++ ++ +++ from 265,00 €
REF B plus Personalized regeneration factors
for local use,
additional support of the therapy as
intravenous infusion 
+++ ++ +++ from 690,00 €
REF C Stem cell transfer from abdominal fat (ASCT),
local and systemic support with
personalized regeneration factors
+++ +++++ +++ from 990,00 €


* The costs are only valid in connection with interventions according to EBM or GOÄ.

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