Kopfzentrum GruppeProfessional smell test with Sniffin Sticks

Professional smell test with Sniffin Sticks

Can I smell (and taste) properly?

Smelling disorders can affect your life quite a bit. Incidentally, olfactory disorders are often falsely perceived as a taste disorder. When eating, with wine or banal everyday experiences limit olfactory disturbances. In some professions, they can even be dangerous.

Why test?
Smelling disorders are often slow and difficult to assess. And rarely can they be evidence of diseases of the nose or brain. Many good reasons to have your sense of smell tested on medical advice.

How do you test smelling?
A reasonably reliable testing of the sense of smell is not easy at all. Here different flavors in up to 12 different concentrations must be offered and evaluated so that the tested patient can not "guess" what it is. Impressions that are not forwarded via the olfactory system must be filtered.
There are several tests available for this. Since 2012, KOPFZENTRUM has been using the most meaningful but also elaborate method of the Sniffin Sticks. The test lasts about 15 minutes and gives very reliable results.

Why does the patient (GKV) have to pay the test?
Unfortunately, the statutory health insurance refunds only a basic smell test, but does not have sufficient explanatory power for many medical issues. The professional smell test with Sniffin Sticks is not part of the catalog of benefits of the GKV. 

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