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Rapid test C-reactive protein

Less can be more *.

* Antibiotics only make sense if there is a bacterial infection. The CRP rapid test allows the doctor to quickly and safely differentiate between a simple virus and a bacterial infection.

Virus or bacterial infection? Antibiotics or not?

Antibiotics are prescribed too often these days. Although 90% of infections in the ENT area are virus-related, they are treated with antibiotics without any effect. On the other hand, unwanted consequences are side effects in the gastrointestinal tract, development of resistance, intolerance and unnecessary costs.

The CRP rapid test can tell relatively reliably whether or not there is a bacterial infection. Your doctor can then react specifically. For this purpose, the concentration of proteins is measured, which typically increases with a bacterial infection.

Due to the long evaluation times of the Federal Joint Committee, the cost of the test has not yet been covered by statutory health insurance *. We ensure you the most cost-effective calculation of the resulting costs, among other things. through careful selection of an inexpensive provider of a high quality test.

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