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Tinnitus Patchwork Therapy

If it just annoying in the ear. The "reset button" for tinnitus.

Tinnitus can be a real burden for the soul and body. This disturbing noise can occur in the cochlea on the auditory nerve or in the brain. In some cases, the origin can not be located. Most fail then the established therapies. Many patients then try their luck in alternative methods of scientific medicine and are often even more disappointed afterwards because the effect is absent.

This is where Tinnitus Patchwork Therapy (TPATCH) comes in, which KOPFZENTRUM has carefully developed over the past few years. The method relies on the pattern of a coordinated "reset", a "resetting the Hörbahn". Thus, TPATCH includes the most promising approaches of modern treatment guidelines * and builds on the experience of the KOPFZENTRUM Tinnitus Center:

  • Creating the best possible environment for the sensory cells (hair cells) in the cochlea

  • Activation of signal transmission in the nerves, especially the auditory nerve

  • Presentation of a phase-optimized sound pattern in the form of a noise carpet based on the "coordinated reset" *

Treatment is for 2 consecutive days

Day 1:
Injection of 100 mg (2 ml) prednisolone into the middle ear under endoscopic control of the round window (ITSI) in local anesthesia (LA); Time required approx. 2 hours. A sick leave of more than 5 days is recommended.

Day 2: infusion of an active ingredient mixture, 250 ml solution for infusion of a licensed medicine in own production and presentation of the noise carpet for a total of 20 minutes via headphones.
Please note that this noise carpet sometimes contains very succinct tones and tone sequences. These are quite melodic, but not necessarily a pleasant music.

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Tinnitus Patchwork Therapy (TPATCH)
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