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Frau Dr. Schicktanz und Frau Dr. Feige

CI training for speech therapists

The five senses of man are the interface to the outside world. Losing these senses changes him. This is especially true for hearing loss, which can be gradual or sudden, congenital or acquired. Since the introduction of the cochlear implant in 1978, it has been possible to make a hearing that is very hard of hearing or deaf again. The fact that people with CIs can understand is due to the high performance of the human brain. For this very reason, initial REHA care and lifelong therapeutic care are necessary.

In order to prepare speech therapists optimally for therapy with CI wearers, a CI advanced training took place last Friday in the ACQUA Clinic Leipzig.

Miss Dr. Silvia Schicktanz, therapeutic director at the Cochlear Implant Centrum Berlin-Brandenburg and Dr. Katharina Feige, Head of Rehabilitation at the KOPFZENTRUM Cochlea & Hearing Implant Center Leipzig, led through the event, which featured a varied program:

Miss Dr. Feige reported impressively from her life as a CI wearer and presented listening exercises and practical training opportunities, while Dr. Chic dance and others imparted extensive knowledge in CI technology, rehabilitation, hearing physiology and the structure and content of therapy. Other forms of therapy, exercise examples and a joint exchange rounded off the event.

We would like to thank our speakers and all participants! We look forward to a continuation.

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