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Continuous Medical Training for Medical Service Officer (MSO)

The new Continuous Medical Training concept for MSO took place for the first time yesterday at the ACQUA Academy under the heading Nose, Breath, Smell.

The Continuous Medical Training consists of various modules in which our MSOs from all practices have to recertify themselves every two years in a theoretical and practical part.

The content of yesterday's training was characterized by "precisely measuring nasal breathing with rhinomanometry", "sniffing test with SNIFFIN sticks" and "snoring therapy. Screening, mobile sleep laboratory and modern treatments".
From the KOPFZENTRUM Group, we welcomed speakers as Ms. Heinke (medical operation branches, resource planning, central coding) and Ms. Danziger (branch manager Praxis Waldstraße).

We thank the two speakers and look forward to the next training on March 25, 20 on the topic of "hearing and balance".

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