Kopfzentrum Gruppe - Reservations

Please select from the following selection the desired appointment type, the practice via the doctor / doctor and the preferred period for booking an appointment in the KOPFZENTRUM.

  1. Appointment type: Choose your appointment type for the department:

    1. ENT
    2. Psychiatry
    3. Speech therapy, ergo- or physiotherapy
    4. Digital volume tomography
    5. ACQUA medical aesthetics

    In ENT and psychiatry you can choose between our booking categories BASIC and PLUS & PRIVATE. We also offer you an appointment in our video consultation KOPFZENTRUM WebMed.

  2. Practitioner / doctor: Select the desired practice for an appointment.
  3. Preferred period: After selecting the desired practice, you will be shown the free appointments. Select the preferred date and time.
  4. Send appointment request: Please log in to send your appointment request. After registration, you have the option to add a comment for further details about the treatment. You will then receive an email with which we will confirm the appointment.
  5. Phoniatric report: Please call directly in the practice or at our switchboard for an appointment.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our switchboard on 0341 - 33 73 31 00.