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Kopfzentrum GruppeTinnitus Center

Kopfzentrum Gruppe - Tinnitus Center

Interdisciplinary treatment of a widespread disease.

Tinnitus is known as disturbing buzzing in the ear, which is based on a disturbance of the hearing function. Most patients perceive this noise to be extremely annoying and disturbing, depending on their severity. In easier cases, the person hearing hears the buzzing only in absolute silence in the environment, e.g. at night. In more severe cases, however, it can become a constant companion.

TINNITUSZENTRUM is a contact point for the KOPFZENTRUM, for all patients who have already undergone specialist treatment or therapy and still suffer from complaints. Experts from more than 10 disciplines who have dealt with the tinnitus phenomenon over several years and decades work together here. The diagnosis and treatment is interdisciplinary and in some cases also over the

Borders of so-called Western medicine. Maren Wittig-Kittelmann, an experienced psychotherapist, coordinates treatment approaches that include conventional medicine, psychology, acoustics and complementary therapies.

TINNITUS CENTER is open to every patient, regardless of health insurance. The vast majority of benefits are borne by the statutory and private health insurance companies. There are no hidden costs.

TINNITUS CENTER is centrally coordinated, but has contact points close to home. Prerequisite for the presentation in TINNITUSZENTRUM should be a basic diagnosis and therapy by a specialist in otorhinolaryngology. The coordinator of the TINNITUS CENTER creates a customized treatment plan for each patient and regularly monitors the guideline-compliant procedure.

Contacts and contact persons
coordination: Maren Wittig-Kittelmann, KOPFZENTRUM Gruppe
medical practise Südvorstadt • Fichtestraße 9 • 04275 Leipzig • Telephone 0341.309 54 10

Tinnitus emergency call, KOPFZENTRUM Gruppe
Emergency number for acute emergencies outside regular office hours 0341.33 73 31 26

Acoustic / auditory training, GROMKE Hörzentrum
Gromke Hörzentrum • Georg-Schumann-Straße 355 • 04159 Leipzig • Telephone 0341.35 56 65 02