Kopfzentrum Gruppe - WebMed Video Consultation

KOPFZENTRUM offers with WebMed the possibility of medical co-treatment via a secure internet connection. Especially in the following cases, this can offer advantages over a simple phone call by transmitting videos:

- Questions in the first few days about operations
- Questions about symptoms before visiting the doctor
- Open questions after visiting the doctor

Technical requirements

- Internet access, broadband connection if possible
- Email access
- webcam
- microphone
- Speakers / headphones

This telemedical consultation cannot replace medical treatment. In the event of an illness, the current legal situation in Germany means that personal doctor-patient contact is absolutely necessary. If the patient is already known in the HEAD CENTER, additional advice can save a visit to the doctor. Data security is guaranteed based on the software used. In addition, medical confidentiality applies. We offer this service free of charge in the introductory phase.

5 steps to video consultation

1. Your details: Please let us know your preferred date. Use our contact form or write us an email to Please let us know what the topic is and which doctor you have.

2. Please give us 30 minutes: You will receive an email invitation from us within 30 minutes during business hours (Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.).

3. You will receive an email invitation: With this email we will confirm the appointment for your personal video consultation. You will also receive your personal access PIN. You can start the video consultation directly via the email by clicking on "Start video consultation".

4. We connect securely and encrypted via Viomedi: We use Viomedi as a teleconferencing system ( A secure and encrypted service that has been certified by the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians. This enables a stable, secure and free connection for you.

5. Now you can start: Confirm the terms and conditions and the system automatically recognizes your camera and microphone. At the agreed time, your doctor will appear on your display / monitor and you're ready to go. You can transfer pictures, videos, sound as well as the content of your desktop. You can see the doctor and speak to him at the same time. The doctor can also share pictures, videos or the contents of his computer with you. Please stay in a quiet environment for the duration of the consultation. In the case of a mobile device, the internet connection should be stable.